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Professional stainless steel post, stainless steel manhole cover, stainless steel grating manufacturer:China Xinbu Hardware!

China Xinbu International Hardware Co., Ltd. is a high-quality enterprise integrating the design, production and research and development of stainless steel posts && columns, stainless steel manhole covers and stainless steel gratings. The company is located in Dainan Town, the largest stainless steel industrial base in the world. With its convenient geographical location, perfect industrial supporting facilities and advanced technical equipment, the company's stainless steel columns, stainless steel manhole covers, stainless steel gratings and other products are well received by customers! Xinbu Hardware is your preferred choice for purchasing stainless steel columns, stainless steel well covers, stainless steel gratings, etc!

Main production equipment

Laser cutting machine

Large polishing machine

Large bending machine

Laser welding machine

straightening machine

Large hydraulic press
Professional manufacturer of stainless steel products!

Four reasons to choose us

We only do one thing for many years:Do every product well!

StrengthLarge capacity

Focus on stainless steel products manufacturers

With complete raw materials and specifications, a full set of production equipment, automatic mechanical production, convenient transportation and logistics, the company has strong strength, and can produce hundreds of tons of stainless steel columns, stainless steel gratings and stainless steel manhole covers every day.

Quality Strict inspection

Strict selection of raw materials for SS products

Formulate a sound quality inspection and management system, strictly regulate the production line of production staff and workshop, and set up special personnel for supervision; 20 inspection processes, layer by layer quality control, ensure stable and reliable quality, and ensure that the product quality passes the ISO quality management system.


Advanced equipment, fully automatic processing

Super power laser cutting machine, full-automatic polishing machine, full-automatic leveling machine, automatic laser welding equipment, spectral analyzer, produce products with high precision, good quality, reliable materials, and fast delivery time.

ServicePerfect & Quick

Provide perfect service for customers

Provide free production budget and construction scheme guidance and supporting solutions; 7 * 24-hour after-sales customer service response mechanism to solve problems quickly and effectively; Regularly assign special personnel to visit customers and collect suggestions for continuous improvement.

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